By and with Luca Agricola


Duration 40-45 minutes



Clowning, juggling with diabolo, balls, head rolling, ball on the head, rola bola, clubs.

Pubblic involvment.

Suitable for all


Installation/removal time 15 minutes



5m x 5m (at least)

As much as possible flat ground, without any obstacles upon the head (necessary for a good execution of the diabolo routine).



Open space far away from any noise. No places of passage.

Possibility for the pubblic of staying in circle or semicircle around the scene.

Steps, chairs, benches, pillows, carpets or everything to make audience confortable are appreciated.



Self-sufficient PA busker system.

For large squares is needes an audio service provided from the organization and suitable for the space, with an audio mixer with minijack port and a XLR connector long enough to reach the stage (or a radio mic in place of it).



Correct light is necessary for a good performance. In case of night show, organization has to provide to a proper lightning. Two simple lights coming from the diagonals are enough.



Changing room with toilet.

A place where store the show props.