My name is Luca Agricola. I started playing theater already in high school, in Sicily, where I was born, and because of this passion I have been studied at the Scuola Teatrale di Movimento of the Teatro Club in Catania and then I moved to Genoa, where I collaborate with Teatro dell'Ortica for 15 years. In this way I knew social theater, where theatrical action is mixed with helping action and pedagogy. Over the years I have been involved in theatrical projects in schools, in prison, with handicap and with psychiatrics and I am part of the company Gruppo Stranità. I was also part of the company Gruppo di Teatro Campestre with the work Un fischio, samba, morte. In the same time I took part in a lot of shows, dealing with dramaturgy and direction. I extended my training with lots of classes and workshops, among them with Giorgio Rossi (Sosta Palmizi), Hajo Schuler (Familie Floz), the clown Jean Ménigault, the street performer Peter Weyler and "il maestro delle bolle" (the bubble master) Lorenzo Lovisolo.

I work for sYnergiKa asd, a circus arts school where I teach juggling to children and adults and where I can train and enlarge my knowedge in acrobatics, handstanding and acro dance.

I've been part of the show Sonata per bagaglio a mano directed by di Alessandro Maida e Giorgia Russo del MagdaClan Circo.

My passions are also music, singing, ashtanga yoga, contact improvisation, clowning and, mostly, juggling. For some years I try to put my theater experience in street performing.